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April Showers bring... Mud and Pollen Stains.

Hello, Readers!

It's April! WHOA! When did that happen? I mean, yesterday was January and there was snow on the ground and now, it's APRIL? And in the 80's? This is the south, so not that uncommon I guess...

Anyway, I'm working on giving this blog a boost, so be prepared for some big changes- other than the look of the blog, which you can plainly see I've already done- and for some pretty special announcements and guest posts.

Oh, and did I mention maybe a giveaway? There's that, too.

But for right now, let's just catch up! It's a Saturday which means friendly chats.

What's been going on in my life? Well, a wedding and day trips and things like that. I've rearranged and cleaned out so my creativity has skyrocketed overnight. More space= more room to make stuff to fill that space.

We've had so much cake and sweets here lately, I feel like I might die. I'm having some minor issues with blood sugar balance, so that's not exactly the mos…

When You're the Family of a Prodigal...

How many of us can say we have a prodigal in our family? Maybe a son, a daughter, a sibling. You'd be hard pressed to find a family that doesn't have one member who is straying from the Lord. It's a painful experience, and one that tugs on my heartstrings deeply. We watch the ruination and hurt that these loved ones put themselves through because of their selfish decisions and choices, and know what they will face, yet we can't do anything to stop them. Life for those with a prodigal seems to center around watching our loved one run away from God, and it's hard to think of anyone else.

And yet, do we stop to think who we are in this story? Remember, in Luke 15, there wasn't just the prodigal son. There was the loving father and the angry brother. Two very different people, two very important attitudes to consider in addition to the prodigal.

Reader, if you're struggling with a prodigal, remember- you're going to fall into one of these two categories. Y…

Not Ruckman, Hyles, Anderson, Scofield, Spurgeon Or Many Others

Hello readers! I've managed to find a bit of time in the midst of my busy schedule to write a blog post (hurray!) This is one that's been on my mind for a while, and I really, really want to share my thoughts on. Now, before you finish reading this, please understand: I do not hate any of these preachers or figures. I simply disagree with most if not all of their teachings and doctrine.

I'll be honest. Until a few years ago, I didn't even know people followed after prominent preachers to the degree which they do. My mom was careful not to allow us to be taught strictly from any one preacher or teacher when it came to doctrine, and we were always under solid, Biblical education when it came to doctrine. We were taught fact and doctrine straight from the Bible, rather than from the lips of any man. The reason? Men can be wrong.

So imagine my surprise when I first got on Instagram and found hundreds of Baptists who idolized many preachers. Yes, I used the word idolized. A…

Saturday Chatting

Hello readers!

It's been a while since I did a Saturday chatting post (Why does it feel like I always start these posts that way?) and it's high time for another. So, run make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate or coffee, settle in and let's have a friend to friend chat.

*waits for reader to return*

You have your steaming cup of whatever you prefer? Good!

First off, good morning! How are you? How has life been going for you? I hope well. I hope you're looking forward to spring as much as I am!

Speaking of spring, I've been working on several projects. Of course, I always have several projects I'm working on, but these are big, new projects that have not yet been put into the 'one day I will finish you' basket. Believe me, that basket has quite a few nice projects in it... I should dig them up and finish them... another day.

So, first off, my baby sister and I needed Easter dresses. And being the true crafty person I am, why buy when I can make?

Not Looking For Mr. Darcy

What is with this fascination with Mr. Darcy, ladies?
Really, seriously… I need to have this explained to me, in detail. WHY are ladies so fascinated by him?

It’s got to be because he’s rich, because otherwise… he’s just ‘ewwwwww’. He’s snotty, snobby, tosses insults around like the flower petals fangirls throw in his path… Not to mention the whole lack of emotions thing? Not attractive. Not attractive in the least.

So can someone explain why girls are so wild to go looking for someone like him? Why there are a thousand and one quotes about trying to find 'my Mr Darcy' or how you should be a Lizzie and catch a Darcy on Pinterest? I could understand (almost) any other Jane Austen hero*. Mr. Knightly, Mr. Tilney, even Colonel Brandon… but Darcy? Good grief.

Maybe I’m the odd one out but I’m not interested in finding a guy who insult my family, treats me like dirt in social settings and seems to think that helping a sister out of a situation he could have prevented will gain…

So it wasn't God's Will, it was only yours...

Before I start this post, let me say this: I do not mean this post in a offensive or cruel way. I write with a heart to help my readers, and a desire to see them walking with the Lord. So if you start to get a bit hurt by, I admit, my rather strong words in this post, I am sorry and don't mean to offend, but I won't sugarcoat or water down what I want to say because it's intended to help you.
Another plan of yours has failed. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was a relationship with someone you hoped to see bloom past friendship and into courtship? Maybe it was a job that you had based your whole life on that was suddenly ended? Whatever it was, it didn't happen. 
Maybe the problem with this was, you didn't stop to even consider that what you had convinced yourself was God's will was simply your own desires, your own will and coincidence combining to distract you from what God actually had planned for your life.
I know, it would have been a good thing, you…

Reader Suggested Posts: Building Businesses!

Happy New Year!

So since it's a new year, I'm starting a new series of blog posts. These posts will come directly from suggestions or requests from you, my readers, and I'll try to get one done a month.

The first request comes from Abigail, who wanted me to share a few suggestions for people starting little businesses like mine.

I'll be honest, I'm not exactly business savvy. I know what I do, and I make a good attempt at running my little hobby business, but I'm no expert. I'm sure you can find a thousand and one true experts who can give much better advice than I can, but I'll tell you what I've done so far.

Let's see, where to start? I guess from step one: What kind of business is it you are wanting to start? What will you be selling?

So, my first point...

1. Be sure of the legal and financial side of things.

There are all kinds of legal things that you need to consider, especially if you want to sell merchandise that is licensed (say, Disney o…