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My First Day as a Blogger... About Me

Hello, everyone! I guess since this is a new blog, and my first post, I should let you know a little about me.  My name is Melissa, but everyone calls me Missy for the most part. I live in the great state of Georgia, have all my life, and I'm quite pleased about that. I'm in my mid twenties, but rather feel like I'm in my 70s because I'm quite old fashioned.  My family is Independent Baptist, and I teach Sunday School in a Baptist church near my home. I'm KJV 1611 in Bible, and have the desire to be a Godly woman who serves the Lord with my whole life and heart. My personal standards and beliefs seem pretty strict to most people, but they are founded in God's Word and I don't believe I need to lower them because of that fact.  I'm a writer. No surprise there, I'm sure. I've been writing since I was twelve years old, and though I haven't published yet, I have about 35 books piling up that are either completed or in the works that I hope to pub…