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Meet My Characters: Anissa and Harmon

When I started this blog, my intention was to gradually introduce some of my book characters in the future. I couldn't wait any longer, though, so I have to introduce a couple of my favorites. (Just so everyone knows,  All my characters are fictional, but I do take joy in throwing in a little bit of my own and my family's personalities and characteristics into them.)

Meet Anissa.
As the oldest of a widow's two daughters, Anissa feels like the burden of taking care of her mother and sister falls solely on her shoulders. While she is young (early twenties) Anissa is mature beyond her years, thanks to a past that has only brought her pain. She's extremely sensitive- the least little thing will set her to worrying- and she tends to be the quiet observer when in church or at family gatherings. She never quite feels she is good enough, and doesn't seem to see the attractive qualities everyone else sees in her. She doesn't see herself as the generous lady everyone see…