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From Single to Double Crochet By Me, A Short Story

Since Grandma Delany had taught Eva to crochet when she was a young girl, Eva hadn’t put her hook down. Her projects had started out small and clumsy, with so many mistakes that Eva could only smile and shake her head when she thought of them. Then her skill had grown, and her projects had grown larger, to detailed afghans, cozy sweaters, and ornate hats. Now, Eva felt her talent had reached its fullest potential, as her little home was covered nearly top to bottom with the works of her hands. There were intricate doilies on every table, gingham curtains hanging in her kitchen windows, and fanciful rugs beside every bed. There wasn’t a thing that Eva couldn’t- or hadn’t- covered with yarn or thread.
Now her hands worked on a different project: a wedding gown.
For her whole life, Eva Delany had dreamed of one thing: Her wedding day. She’s spent her teenage years pouring over wedding gown magazines, her young adult years putting together plans, and now, as her forty-fifth birthday app…

Mallory Is Mistaken by Me, A Short Story

Mallory Mitchell usually saw good in everyone and everything. There was rarely a day when the sun wasn‘t shining or her world wasn‘t perfect. Today, however, it had already been a bad day, and she wasn’t in the mood to be charitable.
After waking up with a sore throat, Mallory found her shower leaking all over the bathroom floor, her only pet- a goldfish named Henry- floating belly-up in his bowl, and her kitchen empty of anything that could be deemed a proper breakfast. There was a gray cloud hanging over her apartment and her head.
After calling the landlord and waiting half the morning for the leak to be fixed, she spent another half an hour trying to clean the floor. Then, flushing Henry in a most undignified way, Mallory shoved her arms into her jacket and grabbed her keys before heading to the door.
“Could this day get worse?” She mumbled, unlocking her car and leaving the apartment complex with the sourest attitude she had had in a long time.
She didn’t want fast food, but …