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Hope Chest

What's the best way for a single young lady to prepare her future home, when she doesn't yet know when or where it will be? In my opinion, it's a hope chest.
I was given a beautiful handmade hope chest when I was about 17/18 years old. Since then, I've worked faithfully to fill it- so faithfully it's now overflowed into my walk-in closet and under my bed! It may have started out as just odds and ends, a collection of mix matched dishes and some items with sentimental value, but now my hope chest is practically a new home in a box kit. I've even had to create an inventory list so that I don't buy duplicates of items I already have, because I've bought or received so many things for it, I can't hardly keep track of them all anymore.
My kitchen will be well stocked, thanks to my mom. She's always thinking of things I will need or would be helpful for my kitchen, plus a ton of little things that are just for fun. My mini doughnut maker, mini pie mak…