Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Stands and Standards, Part 1

I wanted to share with y'all a few of my personal standards and stands I take. Before I do, I want to make it clear: these are my personal convictions, and I don't hold anyone else to them, nor judge them if they are different. This is simply how I feel and what I take a stand on.

The first couple I wanted to share was my stands on clothing and modesty. These two kind of group together so I thought it was best to explain them at the same time.
Starting with clothing....
I don't wear pants. Yeah, I know, there's a lot of mixed feelings in churches about women and girls wearing pants. I don't judge anyone for wearing pants, but I also ask that they don't judge me for not wearing them. It's a personal conviction that I stand very firmly on. I have worn past in the past, as a matter of fact I wore them until I was about 12/13. That's when I made the decision to quit wearing them because I felt convicted over them. I've not worn pants since. And yes, I can do just about anything in a skirt- I just have to vary the style. I've rode a horse, I've done yard work, and I've rode a bike in a skirt. I've even gone swimming in a skirt before (I don't usually go swimming because I don't like my hair getting in the water). I do wear culottes, but only when I'm doing work like scrubbing out showers or climbing up ladders and such.
And for the record, my mom and sisters all wear pants at home. Mom also lets my baby sister wear pants out because she's still very little and doesn't yet understand that skirts require you not to roll around on the ground or do tumbles 😉
In comes modesty...
Yes, I prefer that girls and ladies wear skirts, BUT I've seen times when they would have been better covered by pants that a skirt. It's called modesty. If a skirt is so short you might as well have not worn it, if a dress is so tight you basically have it painted on, I'd rather you be in a pair of loose fitting pants. Modesty is VERY important to me. If a shirt is so small I have to squeeze into it, or a skirt so snug it outlines my backside, I'm not wearing it. No skin showing where it shouldn't, no gaps between skirt and skirt... I'm going to be covered and covered modestly. This is a Bible conviction. The best way I've heard it explained, when you're learning modesty, is this: Would you wear that if Jesus were sitting across from you? Would you feel comfortable in His presence in those clothes? I know that not everyone shares this view, but it's important to me to dress modestly like a lady and keep from drawing the wrong kind of attention.

Ok, so it's school time now at my house, so I'll finish up later!