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Showing posts from December 7, 2016

Cooking With Missy

Cooking was always a challenge for me, up until the last couple years. I could cook, I just wasn't great at it. Thankfully, my mom is very patient and has taught me well. Since we haven't ate breakfast here yet, and food is on my mind, I thought I'd share some of my cooking stories.

First story: Chicken Veronica, also known as Yucky Chicken Floating in Orange Marmalade. Yep, that's right. Green grapes, orange marmalade, chicken broth and a bunch of seasonings, to be more specific. It all started with our yearly cooking project when I was still in school. Mom would have us pick recipes (mostly from her Taste of Home magazines) and we'd have to go grocery shopping for the ingredients, and then plan the cooking process. I decided "Hey, I'll try this recipe from a magazine with absolutely no picture! It's got a fancy name, it must be good..." Looking back I can see that might have been a mistake. I really should have been clued in when the ingredients…