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Showing posts from December 21, 2016

My Sewing

Anyone who knows me will know I love old things. Dresses, books, music, dishes... I love it all. Old styles influence my sewing, my writing, and my crocheting. And hence, my white dress was sewn.

I had wanted to find a old 1950s/1960s dress pattern to try my hand at, in practice for my wedding dress. I tried to find a pattern that had the elements I wanted for my wedding dress, searching for a couple years before I came across one. I bought the pattern, then began my search for the perfect fabric.

The Lord let a friend of my family decide to clean out her abundant fabric closet, and I was given a very beautiful white, faintly floral fabric. It was a little thinner than I had hoped, but for a practice dress, it was perfect.

I finally worked up the confidence to cut the fabric (I was terrified of ruining such lovely fabric) and to try my hand at a zipper (I hadn't yet tried one!). I carefully cut the pattern out, then the fabric. In my fear of the dress turning out too small, I cut…