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Showing posts from December 31, 2016

The Last Day in 2016

Wow, did 2016 go as quickly for everyone else as it did for me? I feel like I barely was in 2016, it went by so fast!
Today's the last day of 2016. I promise, I'm not going to make long speeches or give advice. I'll make one encouragement and that's it.
Tell Others About Christ in 2017.
That's the best thing anyone can do. Time's flying fast and by the looks of things, we don't have long left on this earth before the Lord returns. So instead of making resolutions and failing, make yourself a promise to tell others about Christ next year, and keep that promise. It's not too hard, not too big of a task. If you are reading this, you can tell someone else about what a great gift God gave mankind when He gave His Only begotton Son to die for our sins. If you can post on Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites, you can hand out a tract or tell someone by comment/post/direct message about what God did for you!
So I encourage you, my readers, to be faith…