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As a Sister in Christ, I'm Waiting with You

Waiting. Seems like half of life is waiting. We wait in line at the grocery store, we wait on Christmas to get here, we wait for online orders to arrive... There's a lot of waiting. As Christians, we're waiting on the Lord to return for us- in my opinion, that's the best waiting there is.

For Christians who are single, we have another kind of waiting entirely. I know you could search 'encouragement in waiting' on the internet and come up with a thousand and one blog posts, website articles and quotes on waiting, and read till your eyes fall out, getting the same advice just in different ways. I've heard so many people saying 'be patient and wait for the Lord to bring your future husband along', and they are right- we should wait on the Lord. But sometimes we need a different kind of encouragement.
So that's what I'm going to give you- a different kind of encouragement. As your sister in Christ, I want to stand next to you, lock arms with you an…

Old Fashioned Means...

If you follow any of my social media accounts, odds are you'll see this in my bio: Old Fashioned Lady. I thought I'd explain why I use that phrase and what it means to me.

First, "Old Fashioned" does Not mean outdated. It means I believe that the way things were done in old times were far better than how they are done now. However, I'm not going to walk around in a Civil War Era hoopskirt and only ride in a horse drawn carriage, refuse to use a computer or leave calling cards at friends houses instead of texting them (Though calling cards were a neat idea, I admit).
To me, being old fashioned means:
       Being modest. I dress like a lady, and in my eyes, that means wearing skirts or dresses. Nothing too tight, nothing low cut, nothing see through, nothing too short... Modesty is old fashioned but sorely needed. Being a lady means being modest. And despite what everyone says, it's not impossible to be modest. You CAN still find clothes that aren't skin…

Perfect? Isn't That Impossible?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word perfect? For me it's several things. Mom's cooking, snow white yarn, perfectly coordinated outfits... Those are all material things, though. What if I change the question to, What do you think of when I say the perfect person? Perhaps it's a friend, family member, or even a spouse or fiancé? Why are they perfect, though?
See, I've been doing a word study on the word perfect, thanks to a friend's question about Psalm 37:37. What is a perfect person?
Still not finished with the study yet, but I wanted to share a few things my friend and I have found and I've come to see about the perfect person in the Bible. I think I'm actually going to see if my friend will do a second part to this post, because he explained this better than I ever could!
 And before you say, 'it's impossible to be perfect!' or 'No one is perfect', we're actually commanded to be perfect in Matt…