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Saturday Chatting

Since it's Saturday and I rarely have opportunity to do a post on Saturday, I think today's will be just another talking with no point. So, here's the random thoughts of the day:

It's best to remember to line up your pattern with the print on the fabric and check to make sure you can see all the colors and design before you cut the tie out. #lessonlearned

Baby sister and I were playing on my piano and came up with a great story/song about her. The sad thing is, when she asked me to sing it again, I couldn't remember it. Next time I will write it down #anotherlessonlearned

Anyone else want a nice peanut butter and honey or peanut butter and banana sandwich?

Listening to my baby sister talk in a British accent after watching her cartoon too much is adorable, but so is her southern accent when she talks like an American too, haha.

I somehow made the mistake of stumbling upon puns on Pinterest. Giggled for hours. Told my family. They didn't giggle as much. So I'…

See all that Pollen? That Means Spring is Coming!

I don't know about where you live, but here spring is coming. Sure, we still have cold spells where the wind sounds like it's ripping the siding off the house, and I fear for my little garden's wellbeing. But spring is well on it's way. Just look at the lovely, inch-thick covering of yellow pollen on anything that stands still for more than three seconds. Won't be long until GA decides to skip on into summer, which means I've got to hurry! There are spring plans to be made! For me, spring coming means:
Easter is coming. I need to plan my outfit (this is a big thing for me). Maybe I'll sew a dress or skirt, maybe I'll just mix and match from my closet. I'll need to find/make earrings to match, figure out which necklace will look dressy enough, and make sure whatever pair of shoes I'm wearing is in good repair. I know the day is not about new clothes or chocolate, and definitely not about a pesky rabbit that lays eggs in people's yards (who e…

The Grandmother of All Gossip- A Short Story

I wrote this story last year, and it got me so tickled that I still go back and read it from time to time when I need a smile. Hopefully y'all can see the humor in it, but also the truth: gossip only hurts people, and says a lot more about the person gossiping than the person they're talking about!
Update:I appreciate those who read my blog and take it for what it is- encouragement and made up stories. Sadly, there are those out there who only wish to indulge in back biting, sowing discord, and gossiping amongst family, friends and communities. So for this reason, I have turned off the ability to comment on this post. I appreciate those of you who read this from a godly standpoint and hope you continue to read and find encouragement.

 For the most part, the Covington family lived in a peaceful world. Since the passing of Mr. Covington, Mrs. Covington had done her best to give her children a happy, peaceful life. Her youngest children, still in school, were happy and healthy, th…

Just Talking....

I want to start doing posts where I just talk. No point, no life lesson, no characters to introduce. Just me telling y'all about what's happened lately in my life. Since my blog's motto is "A look into the life of a Christian young lady in Georgia" this is going to be pretty much exactly that!

So, headline news this week: My sister got her first car! Very exciting. Very nice. I got to ride in it before anyone else (except Mom, of course). She's happy and I'm proud of her!

I learned you have to be very careful when you are a frequent visitor in the crafts department of Walmart. Pretty sure they know me by name/face and are using my frequent visits to sell all their merchandise. $.50/yd fabric and clearance yarn... Not fair, Walmart. Not fair.

Recently I rediscovered a frozen treat which I had almost forgotten existed: Dairy Queen's Reese Cup Blizzard. Had two in about two weeks time. Will not repeat mistake so I can fit in my Easter dress.

I got Facebo…