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The Seeds I'm Sowing

To every person who has hurt me, made fun of me, insulted me, or made me feel like I was unwanted, worthless, useless, unnecessary, ugly, stupid, unloved, disliked...

Thank you, Not for hurting me or any of the cruel, hateful things you did and said. But thank you for teaching me some valuable lessons.

Thank you for showing me what it's like to be the person who is pushed away as unwanted, unnecessary or unloved, because now I will never let another person feel that way.

Thank you for showing me that making fun of me, for calling me names and making me feel like ignorant, says a whole lot more about YOU than it does ME.

Thank you for showing me what harm cutting someone down, criticizing them and insulting them can do, because now I guard my mouth and thoughts to make sure I never harm someone the way you hurt me.

Thank you for showing me just how ignorant it is to gossip and lie about someone, because I'll think of how your sin hurt me before I let gossip take root in my life.

Thank you for showing me that the person saying I'm useless and that no one likes, is trying to make me feel bad so they feel better.

Thank you for showing me that just because someone says something negative, hateful or downright evil about you or to you doesn't make it true.

But most importantly, thank you for showing me that you needed someone to be kind to you, to be your friend, and to pray for you, despite the way you treat others.

You might think you hurt me- and truth be told, you did- but I outgrew that hurt. I learned from it. God used what you did to teach me what I shouldn't do, shouldn't say, and shouldn't be.

Thanks to you, I've learned how to help those who are hurt by people like you. I have a better understanding of how to help them, and how to teach them to learn and grow from the actions of people like you. When I see someone hurting the way you made me hurt, I can now help that person because I understand what they are feeling.

So, that being said... I'm praying for you. It may have been recently you hurt me, or years ago, doesn't matter, I don't care. God loves you, and because of that, I will love you enough to pray for you. Obviously, you've gone through things that made you the person who would hurt me, and that person needs God's salvation and grace and mercy every bit as much as I do.

The truth is, nothing you said to me was true.

I am loved, and I am wanted By God, by my family, and by my true friends.
I am valued by the One who gave His life for me, and what a person thinks of me matters so little in comparison to that.
I am not ugly or stupid, because I was created to be exactly the way I look by the Creator of the Universe, and He makes nothing that is worthless.

See, there's this wonderful verse in the Bible, and I'm going to share it with you.

Galatians 6:7 (KJV)
 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Instead of allowing myself to sow seeds of bitterness and hatred against you, I'm going to sow seeds of forgiveness and love. I'm going to pray for you with the love of Christ, because I don't know what you went thru to make you the way you are. 

I'm not going to let you hurt me again, because I'm putting it in God's Hands. Maybe you'll come to know Jesus Christ as your savior, maybe you'll get right with the Lord, and I'm not going to let bitterness cause me to keep you from that by retaliating and hurting you in return. All I can do is pray for you now. 

And hoping you become the same one day,


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