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Don't Follow Your Heart

That's right. Don't follow your heart. So this has been on my mind for a while now. As a matter of fact, I posted on Facebook and Instagram about this:
Anyone who has read Jeremiah 17:9 should know that your heart will deceive you. Feelings are temporary. What you just know 'with all your heart' or 'in your gut' is right, often is not. And I admit it, I have been guilty of this just as much as anyone else. It's something God has to remind me of all the time, that I'm supposed to follow Him, not my own heart. It seems like every movie my younger siblings watch (or that I watched as a kid) pushed following your heart. As if somehow magically, following what you think is right will always bring about a happy ending and there will never be any trouble in your life. I don't agree with this. You can't follow your heart, because then you're following your own desires and wishes, not God's. And let's be honest, our own desires and wishes …