Monday, January 30, 2017

Meet My Characters: Ethan and Ginger

Another couple of my fictional characters have been patiently waiting for their turn to be introduced, and so I thought it was time. Ethan and Ginger were the main characters in my first 'real' book. Their story has been written and rewritten, edited and changed so many times I've lost track, and yet they remain the same. So, without further ado, here they are.

Meet Ginger. Raised by a loving mom and dad, she's had little in her life to perplex or disturb her. Her older brother is her protector, her parents are her guides, and her Lord is her life. She's known very little sorrow, very little pain. Her world that has been so happy and full of sunshine is suddenly ripped apart when her brother is in a terrible automobile accident and almost loses his life. His recovery takes time, and through it, Ginger comes to realize that time is short, our lives on this earth are not to be taken for granted, and that one must value the blessings God has given before they are taken away.

Meet Ethan. Abandoned as a small child, Ethan hasn't known the joy of being raised by his mom and dad. His aging grandfather has done the best he can to raise Ethan, but it's not until Ethan's family comes to know the Lord that their lives change. Ethan's long hard struggle to make a life for himself and to avoid becoming a repeat of his father and grandfather has caused this young man to lose some of his joy, though God has given him other blessings which he focuses on. One of those blessings is his talent for writing- a talent which will bring him to the next big blessing in his life, if only he can avoid any more awkward encounters with her!

I can't give away too much about how Ethan and Ginger meet or fall in love, as the whole story revolves around one specific detail. Let's just say, meddling grandmothers, letters to future spouses and flower shops have a lot to do with their happy ending. As seems to be the trend with most of my characters, Ethan and Ginger have opposite backgrounds and raisings, but one common factor in their lives brings them together that means more than anything else: their Lord. In fact, it's because of Ethan's new attendance at the small, fictional Baptist church where Ginger attends that they're able to share this common faith! But- shush!- no more. I'm afraid the rest of the story will have to wait until I finally finish editing this book and publish!
I hope you've enjoyed meeting Ethan and Ginger, my first 'book babies' who hold a special place in my heart 😊

Time to meet one of the most important people in my life...

Hello, everyone! I figured it was time to introduce someone who plays an integral part in my life, someone who helps me make decisions, name characters, and decide on yarn colors...
My Mom.
I'll start from the beginning. Mom was born in a small town in GA, although she was raised all over the world because her dad was military. She comes from a military background family. Her grandfather served in three branches, the other grandfather served in one branch, her father and one brother served as well.
Thanks to Mom being raised around the world, she knows a few things that people raised stateside don't- or, at least, isn't common. She knows that German French fries taste weird, how window blinds are different from ours, and some very interesting German phrases.
Mom is right in the middle of two brothers. Yes, I've heard many stories about her growing up with her older brother. Apparently having only brothers is not fun, or so she tells me. My favorite story is her one about smacking her older brother with a Barbie doll when he made her mad.
My mom has always been a very good mom- and I'm not just saying that. I think having two brothers helped her when it comes to raising my three brothers. When it comes to her four daughters, well, that's all Mom. She's been patient beyond belief with us- mostly me, I admit- and has been blessed with being able to homeschool all of us our entire educations. And for those of your who don't know, that's not an easy task. She's always encouraging us to read for fun, although she doesn't push it if she knows we would rather not read.
In my house, Mom is the first one up, usually before the sunrise. She has said before that when she wakes up, her mind is already running with everything she has to do that day. Between schooling, breakfast, making sure kids are up, dressed and ready for school, getting kids to work, lunch, cleaning, dinner preparations and just the general work a mom has to do, I know my mom's day is much fuller than mine is.
And Mom's the last one to bed at night. I know for a fact she can't sleep unless she knows that she knows that she knows each of her kids is safe in their bed. That means if one is out working late, she's not going to sleep until they are home. You can guess about how much sleep Mom gets, I'm sure.
My mom has also been a very godly mother. She's kept all seven of us kids in church our whole lives. She encourages us to read our Bibles, pray and be helpful at church where ever we can. She's managed to survive 25 years of sitting in the nursery for church with little ones! Maybe one day, all of us kids will finally be grown and she can sit out once again...
If you ask Mom what her favorite thing to do is, her answer will be (after she says spending time with her children) grocery shopping. Mom has always loved to grocery shop, and though I can't quite understand why, I'm always glad she does because it means a full kitchen 😉 Thankfully, she also likes to cook! If you couldn't guess it, her favorite game show was and always will be Supermarket Sweep.
This pretty much sums up my mom. She probably will say I praise her too much in this, but it's the truth and I have no reason to lie or make anything up. She's truly a great mom, and a great example to me of what a mom really is.
I love you, Mom 😊