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Old Fashioned Means...

If you follow any of my social media accounts, odds are you'll see this in my bio: Old Fashioned Lady. I thought I'd explain why I use that phrase and what it means to me.

First, "Old Fashioned" does Not mean outdated. It means I believe that the way things were done in old times were far better than how they are done now. However, I'm not going to walk around in a Civil War Era hoopskirt and only ride in a horse drawn carriage, refuse to use a computer or leave calling cards at friends houses instead of texting them (Though calling cards were a neat idea, I admit).
To me, being old fashioned means:
       Being modest. I dress like a lady, and in my eyes, that means wearing skirts or dresses. Nothing too tight, nothing low cut, nothing see through, nothing too short... Modesty is old fashioned but sorely needed. Being a lady means being modest. And despite what everyone says, it's not impossible to be modest. You CAN still find clothes that aren't skin…