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Showing posts from March 4, 2017

Just Talking....

I want to start doing posts where I just talk. No point, no life lesson, no characters to introduce. Just me telling y'all about what's happened lately in my life. Since my blog's motto is "A look into the life of a Christian young lady in Georgia" this is going to be pretty much exactly that!

So, headline news this week: My sister got her first car! Very exciting. Very nice. I got to ride in it before anyone else (except Mom, of course). She's happy and I'm proud of her!

I learned you have to be very careful when you are a frequent visitor in the crafts department of Walmart. Pretty sure they know me by name/face and are using my frequent visits to sell all their merchandise. $.50/yd fabric and clearance yarn... Not fair, Walmart. Not fair.

Recently I rediscovered a frozen treat which I had almost forgotten existed: Dairy Queen's Reese Cup Blizzard. Had two in about two weeks time. Will not repeat mistake so I can fit in my Easter dress.

I got Facebo…