Saturday, March 4, 2017

Just Talking....

I want to start doing posts where I just talk. No point, no life lesson, no characters to introduce. Just me telling y'all about what's happened lately in my life. Since my blog's motto is "A look into the life of a Christian young lady in Georgia" this is going to be pretty much exactly that!

So, headline news this week: My sister got her first car! Very exciting. Very nice. I got to ride in it before anyone else (except Mom, of course). She's happy and I'm proud of her!

I learned you have to be very careful when you are a frequent visitor in the crafts department of Walmart. Pretty sure they know me by name/face and are using my frequent visits to sell all their merchandise. $.50/yd fabric and clearance yarn... Not fair, Walmart. Not fair.

Recently I rediscovered a frozen treat which I had almost forgotten existed: Dairy Queen's Reese Cup Blizzard. Had two in about two weeks time. Will not repeat mistake so I can fit in my Easter dress.

I got Facebook- most of you know this. It's okay. Still confused as to the point, but thanks to it, my shop has been getting business, Praise the Lord. Made a few friends there who seem nice... Other than a one who likes ice cream too much, one who is directly related and never checks his messages and another one who is directly related to me and posts 'love my daughter' posts a lot.... Won't name who 😉

I have learned the art of making neckties. Two customers got ties made for really low prices because I was still learning, and now that I know how, I probably will start putting ties on my Etsy shop.

I just remembered it's been probably three months since my last letter to my future husband. Probably need to write that today.

Okay, so yesterday I was making dinner for the family. Pork chops with au gratin potatoes in the oven. It's a quick, easy dinner the kids eat fairly well here. Put it in the oven, wasn't sure how long it'd take to cook the pork chops, so I just told myself I'd come check in a while.
I forgot.
Not sure how long they were in there, but I know it was at least an hour. The cheese I had grated on top? Burnt to a black, lava like appearance. The potatoes? Yeah, we only got to eat about half because the ones on top were so burnt. The pork chops? Perfectly tender and other than having the salty, burnt taste, were perfect. Next time I'll remember that timer.... Needless to say, I know now why God hasn't sent a husband for me- I've got to learn to cook better or the poor man will starve to death.

Anyone who knows me will know I love growing things. Flowers, mostly, though I've tried vegetables (Don't ask about the time I hoarded expired bags of dried beans in hopes of growing lima, pinto, black and navy beans by the field). So it was SUPER exciting to go checking on my flower bushes outside and see the roses are already getting super bushy, and the lilac has green leaves!!! I'll have my flowers again!

Important: Never underestimate the caring and concern of friends. I have about ten people who, besides my family, I couldn't live without. Some of them are my support team during difficult days, some are my cheering department during exciting times, and some are my 'say what I need to hear, not what I want to hear' or 'make you smile when you don't want to' people. Some are all three. But either way, I don't know what I'd do without these friends. Thanks, you special people, for being my people!

Has anyone else noticed that there seem to be a lot of Christians online who are only looking to pick fights or start controversy? If they can stir the pot and start arguments, they're going to do it. I avoid those people.

A recent happening in my household.
Me: *gets gel nail polish that dries using a LED light in 30 seconds*
Mom: That's going to give you cancer. That can't be safe.
Me: I don't think so....
*days later, using the LED light*
Siblings: *gets close to LED light*
Me: Get away from that, don't look at the light. I don't know if that will give you cancer if you look at it.
Me: *realizes I'm starting to sound like my mom, but doesn't care because Mom's probably right.

It never ceases to amaze me that people can be so friendly at 10:30 PM in Walmart. Customers, employees... They're all so funny and joking that late. Now I understand why people shop at Walmart at night. No pushy people, no long lines....

Well, that's about all that is on my mind for now. I'm off to get Sunday school lessons ready, little people dressed for the day and fix my gel nail polish that chipped off in two days (at least it lasted a day longer than regular polish!)