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The Grandmother of All Gossip- A Short Story

I wrote this story last year, and it got me so tickled that I still go back and read it from time to time when I need a smile. Hopefully y'all can see the humor in it, but also the truth: gossip only hurts people, and says a lot more about the person gossiping than the person they're talking about!
Update:I appreciate those who read my blog and take it for what it is- encouragement and made up stories. Sadly, there are those out there who only wish to indulge in back biting, sowing discord, and gossiping amongst family, friends and communities. So for this reason, I have turned off the ability to comment on this post. I appreciate those of you who read this from a godly standpoint and hope you continue to read and find encouragement.

 For the most part, the Covington family lived in a peaceful world. Since the passing of Mr. Covington, Mrs. Covington had done her best to give her children a happy, peaceful life. Her youngest children, still in school, were happy and healthy, th…