Friday, March 17, 2017

See all that Pollen? That Means Spring is Coming!

I don't know about where you live, but here spring is coming. Sure, we still have cold spells where the wind sounds like it's ripping the siding off the house, and I fear for my little garden's wellbeing. But spring is well on it's way. Just look at the lovely, inch-thick covering of yellow pollen on anything that stands still for more than three seconds. Won't be long until GA decides to skip on into summer, which means I've got to hurry! There are spring plans to be made! For me, spring coming means:
Easter is coming. I need to plan my outfit (this is a big thing for me). Maybe I'll sew a dress or skirt, maybe I'll just mix and match from my closet. I'll need to find/make earrings to match, figure out which necklace will look dressy enough, and make sure whatever pair of shoes I'm wearing is in good repair. I know the day is not about new clothes or chocolate, and definitely not about a pesky rabbit that lays eggs in people's yards (who even thought that up???) but I'm going to the Lord's House, and I want to look like a true, modest lady when I do. No mini skirts or dresses, no skin tight, painted-on clothing, no outlandish styles or trends that only make an appearance once a year then get crammed in the back of a closet or donated to a thrift store.
My garden needs tending. The beautiful reddish-pink roses I accidently grew (it's a long story, I'll explain another day) were trimmed back in the fall, but they'll need some help shaping the new growth if they are going to reach over 8 feet tall again. I need to clear around the bottom of my lilac bush. There's morning glories to start, gladiolas to check up on, and seeds for the variety of flowers I enjoy that need to be found in stores. I'll have to decide if trying a new seed or root is worth it, since the last few attempts failed and I was left disappointed without a bleeding heart plant, lily of the valley, and several varieties of flowers I had hoped to grow. (PS if anyone knows any pretty flowers that grow well in GA weather, please tell me! I'm desperate for some new ones I can grow from seed!)
My room needs rearranging. In my house, moving rooms around is as common as spring cleaning. Grant it, I have a lot of big pieces of furniture that can't fit in many places (my antique style metal bedframe, a old fashioned writing desk, my huge computer desk...) but anything I can move around will be moved. This will result in stubbed toes and bruised shins from finding where I moved the furniture to, but I'll be happy with my 'new' room.
There's summer projects to plan. I don't travel much, so instead of making vacation plans, I make project plans. Some of these are book related, like making changes, editing and proofreading old ones, writing the beginnings (and ends, but not middles) of new ones and trying to print a few off without eating up all my ink. Other plans are for sewing projects, like a summer purse or five 😉. And of course there's my little DIY projects. I probably won't try 'stained glass' jars using food coloring and glue again, since those came out a sticky, staining mess. And I'll try my best to limit my glitter usage, since good glitter can be expensive. But I have a few plans for some gifts I want to work on early in the year for Christmas, and birthdays.
I have cards and letters to write and mail. I'm thankful to be a part of several groups where we exchange letters and cards for birthday or every month, just as a way to encourage and bring a smile to each other's faces. I love making my cards and putting special touches on them. Maybe this next round of cards I'll get out my old fashioned ink well and pen and do some calligraphy (Sounds like another something to do this spring, practice calligraphy...)
I probably should start back to some good habits I dropped, like practicing my piano playing. I haven't touched a piano in over a year, and I've had several dreams lately where I was quite proficient which are making me wish I hadn't dropped such a skill's practice. Starting back to walking and riding my bicycle are two more habits I want to resume, since the weather will be nicer.
Thinking up new ideas for my shop. I've been blessed since starting my shop to have great encouragement and support from my church family and friends, and I'm thankful for any advice anyone can give. Because I have such a great group of people helping me, I don't want to disappoint and I want to keep the shop fresh with new things. The latest few ideas I'm working on are neckties and some new wedding cake toppers, including a guitar worked in a lace design and a double heart. I'm always open to suggestions and try my best to 'get it right' when given one. Besides just the creative side of the shop, I've got the business side. I admit it, I stink at pricing. Thankfully, my friends and Mom are pretty wise when it comes to business sense and I've been given great advice to help remedy my lack of financial expertise. There's finances to go over, and marketing to manage (the second best part of the shop).
I'd say spring means weddings to attend, but sadly I know no one getting married and have no friends who are engaged to look forward to seeing married (Hint, hint, single friends with 'possibilities', y'all need to get engaged soon!) Baby showers... Again, none to attend, which is sad because I do love baby showers! So I'll just have to keep making and putting away wedding and baby gifts for my close friends and hope they'll be needed soon (and in that order, of course).
And, of course, my own wedding needs attending to. Yes, that's right, my wedding. I'm still trying to find a pattern for my gown that I'm sewing- you wouldn't believe how hard that is to do when you know exactly what it is you want. There's colors to decide on, and I need to decide on what kind of dessert we'll serve at the reception- mini cheesecakes, cupcakes, or a full buffet of desserts, since I firmly resolved to not have a traditional cake years ago. There are invitations to design, and bridesmaids who need to give their input on what they'll wear, and groomsmen's ties to sew. All I can say is, I'm ever so thankful for Pinterest!
And that's about it. My entire spring- which in GA seems to last about a month before summer takes over- is planned out. So, let's hear about your spring! What do you have planned?