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See all that Pollen? That Means Spring is Coming!

I don't know about where you live, but here spring is coming. Sure, we still have cold spells where the wind sounds like it's ripping the siding off the house, and I fear for my little garden's wellbeing. But spring is well on it's way. Just look at the lovely, inch-thick covering of yellow pollen on anything that stands still for more than three seconds. Won't be long until GA decides to skip on into summer, which means I've got to hurry! There are spring plans to be made! For me, spring coming means:
Easter is coming. I need to plan my outfit (this is a big thing for me). Maybe I'll sew a dress or skirt, maybe I'll just mix and match from my closet. I'll need to find/make earrings to match, figure out which necklace will look dressy enough, and make sure whatever pair of shoes I'm wearing is in good repair. I know the day is not about new clothes or chocolate, and definitely not about a pesky rabbit that lays eggs in people's yards (who e…