Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Chatting

Since it's Saturday and I rarely have opportunity to do a post on Saturday, I think today's will be just another talking with no point. So, here's the random thoughts of the day:

It's best to remember to line up your pattern with the print on the fabric and check to make sure you can see all the colors and design before you cut the tie out. #lessonlearned

Baby sister and I were playing on my piano and came up with a great story/song about her. The sad thing is, when she asked me to sing it again, I couldn't remember it. Next time I will write it down #anotherlessonlearned

Anyone else want a nice peanut butter and honey or peanut butter and banana sandwich?

Listening to my baby sister talk in a British accent after watching her cartoon too much is adorable, but so is her southern accent when she talks like an American too, haha.

I somehow made the mistake of stumbling upon puns on Pinterest. Giggled for hours. Told my family. They didn't giggle as much. So I'll save the pun vault for someone who will appreciate them....

Back to the ties briefly.... I realized if I don't sell the ties I have made and am making still, my future husband is going to be forced to wear a tie every day for the rest of his life. Future husband, I apologize, but you'll look great, so don't worry.

True happiness isn't found in people, things, or experiences. It's found in God.

Since I am a Baptist, I can say this: We Baptists have the best casseroles and fellowships, the most infinity scarves and maxi skirts, and the best excuses for staying out of church when there's nothing wrong with us.

Does anyone else wonder what made the person who invented football think of it? "Hey, y'all, let's kick this little leather ball around and beat each other up trying to get it!" I mean, seriously, most sports make very little sense. My family likes football, though. I guess they understand it better than I do.

I love having a baby sister. I have a legitimate excuse for sitting here watching Big Comfy Couch and eating popcorn as long as she's here too. If she leaves, I have to go be an adult again.

My family is under the mistaken impression I will one day dress my sons in sailor suits and bowties. No, they shall be dressed like little men and wear suits and neckties, thankyouverymuch. Nothing against bowties but I prefer a necktie, and little fellows in suits are just adorable.

I almost did the unthinkable. I was given some abridged (ewww) copies of classic books from the dollar store and almost cut them up to make crafts out of. SHAME ON ME FOR EVEN THINKING OF DESTROYING A BOOK!!!!

Isn't it sad that people will pay $500+ for a phone, but won't give $10 to missions. People spend five hours on Facebook but won't spend 5 minutes in God's Word each day. People will text the entire day but won't spend any time in prayer. That's sad.

Found this quote about gossips on Pinterest and I loved it: Keep talking about me behind my back, and keep watching God bless me in front of your face.

Another great one: The more you point out someone else's flaws, the more you emphasize your own. Think about that before you go talking about someone else's business.

Isn't is funny how we go through life looking for that 'one special person' who will love us, while ignoring the One who loved us enough to die for us? Remember, you don't need another person to perfect you- you only need the Lord. You don't need a person to make you complete- only the Lord can do that.

Okay, I'll leave y'all with a joke to make you smile...
Did you hear the joke about the skunk? Never mind, it really stinks.

Have a great day in the Lord's House tomorrow!