Saturday, April 1, 2017

My Stands and Standards, Part 2

I know a while back I said I would get around to this post, and it seemed like I had forgotten. The truth was, I just hadn't had time to sit down and write out such a long post that needed time and consideration for the wording thereof. So, I'm going to share some more of my personal stands and convictions. I know some of these not everyone will agree on, and I'm not trying to force you to agree with me. Again, these are my convictions, based on Biblical truth. Whether you agree or disagree, that's between you and the Lord. I'm not going to judge those who differ on these, and ask that you don' judge me.

So, I'll tackle one of the controversial topics first: literature and movies. I know there's a lot of debate among Christians- even Baptists- about this. It's something that each family has to decide on, between them and the Lord. There are ones who say you should never watch any TV or movies, and there are ones who say you can watch anything. I believe if you are select and careful about what you choose, you can watch some. So in short...
Yes, I watch movies and TV- not much, I've been cutting out more and more lately because there are more important things to be done than sitting in front of a TV.
No, they're not all Christian movies- I've seen superhero movies, comedies, medieval movies, etc.
Do I have certain stands on the types of movies I'll watch? Absolutely. No dirty scenes, no dirty content. If there's a ton of cussing, swearing or using God's Name in vain, it's out. But we do watch movies, and we do enjoy watching TV shows that aren't filth.
And yes, there are TV shows out there you can watch that aren't filth- not many, I'll grant you, but there are some. Try Green Acres or Beverly Hillbillies or Andy Griffith, or even Gilligan's Island. You're pretty much guaranteed that even the little kids can watch those shows without fear of them seeing or hearing something they shouldn't.
When it comes to books, I hold the same stands. I have read lots of Christian novels. But if they seem to push God out of the picture, only tossing in an occasional reference to church or prayer, I'm not interested.
My family also doesn't do magic or witchcraft movies and books. Yes, we watched Disney movies growing up (We don't agree with the newer Disney movies however), but we had to fast forward a lot of scenes. We never have nor ever will watch Harry Potter, or other wizard/witch shows or movies. The Bible is pretty clear on the subject of witchcraft, and I'm not going to back down on it to get a few hours of entertainment.
And we don't watch the Hunger Games movies or read the books. The thought of kids being forced to kill kids is, in my opinion, sick and twisted. No one should be reading that kind of stuff and idolizing characters from it. No wonder kids today have so many problems, being fed fictional books about stuff like this!

Okay, next topic... Bible. I'm staunch KJV 1611 only. Again, I know this is a topic that people don't always agree on. But as for my family and me, we use the KJV only. Yes, I was raised using it and so that had influence over my choice, but as I grew older (age wise and spiritually) I did some comparing of the different versions. I've found nothing can compare to God's Holy Word, the KJV. Other versions were written and edited and cut to pieces by some very wicked people, and have taken complete verses out. I believe the KJV 1611 is the inspired Word of God, and is complete and perfect- needing no updating, no new translating, and no comparing of different languages to correct words used in it. It's not archaic, it's not outdated, and it's not too difficult to read- even my little brothers can read it, and they're under ten years old, so you can't tell me a 50 year old can't understand it. I don't believe the ye, thee, thou's and thine's need to be replaced. If you don't agree with this, that's your choice. But I do take a stand on this for me and my future family, and it is important to me.

Next topic: Social media. Yep. I have it. There are good points, and there are bad aspects to it. It depends on how you use it. It can be a great tool of the devil for gossiping and spreading seeds of discord, or it can be used as a way to share God's Word and encouragement. It can be used for vanity, or it can be used to honor God. It can be used to start fights, or it can be used to find friendship. We have some pretty strict rules on the use of social media, thankfully. My mother monitors our accounts as a sort of accountability. We keep our accounts private and locked up to protect our privacy and to keep from having all sorts of crazies get into them 😉
But yes, I have social media accounts, mostly for the advertising for my shop, but I do have personal accounts too, on Instagram, Pinterest, and even Facebook (Though I've found there are aspects I dislike about Facebook, I've got a lot of business for my shop through it and will keep it.) Believe it or not, there are some nice people on social media who are genuinely friendly, and don't want to gossip or start fights. I've made a lot of good friends through social media, and have circles of friends that- though I'll probably never get to meet them- are encouraging to me!

I'm pro-life. I'm anti-abortion. I do not believe choosing to murder an innocent baby in the womb is anyone's right. I believe once that baby's life has started at conception, the only one with the right to end it is God. I do not believe it is a woman's choice, it's not her body or life that is being taken from her. I'm 100000000000% against abortion. I believe life is a God given right to everyone, and that babies deserve to live just as much as the parents of the child. I believe no child should have their life ended because they have Down syndrome or any other defect. A baby is a gift of God and should be treasured and loved, not killed. There's nothing more to say on this topic.

Next topic: Homeschooling. I know that not every family is the same as mine. I was blessed with a mother who was able to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, and who homeschooled all her children (well, still is, she's not quite finished yet). I'm firmly convinced I had the best education available. Homeschooling just makes sense. Parents who choose to homeschool are given the ability to choose what kind of education their children will be given, and to help them learn at the pace with which they can process the information. I was never rushed through any subjects. I wasn't held back. Thanks to my mom taking the time to start me on reading before I was even of age to be in school, and the fact she could teach me one-on-one, I graduated early at age 16.
Now, before someone jumps all over this, I'm not saying all homeschoolers are little prodigies and Einsteins. We're normal. Everyone learns at their own pace and in their own style. The blessing of homeschooling is that your parent can help tune your education to fit your individual needs, rather than being stuck in a classroom full of kids and being expected to keep up. Not everyone graduates at 16 just because they're homeschooled. I'm gradually getting off topic, though, so...
Yes, I believe in homeschooling. My children, should God ever give me any, will be homeschooled. I believe it's a huge blessing and helps keep kids from being taught the trash that most schools are pushing now days. It keeps innocent minds from being exposed to sin and sinful lifestyles.
And yes, we do socialize and have friends. A great many of my friends were homeschooled also, so there ya go *waves at homeschooled friends*.

Okay, this is one I debated posting, but I think I will anyways. Dating vs Courting.
I'll be honest... I seriously never knew there was a difference between dating and courting, because the rules for either are identical in my family. It didn't matter what it was called, because the same rules applied and the same outcome was expected. I find the debates about these kind of funny because if you think about it, it's really ridiculous. Godly dating and Godly courting should be the same thing. I almost want to invent a third term for this so I can quit hearing about the difference between the two and confuse the ones who argue about these. But anyways, here's my list (with some of the family/house rules) on dating or courting or whatever you want to call it:
  • Will be well supervised. This means a chaperone. I don't care how old either party is. Chaperone. No trips off alone to see each other. I'd rather keep things on the up and up, and leave no room for rumors or gossip.
  • No late night outings. If it's dinner, make it at an acceptable hour. You don't have to wait until 9 at night to go out with anyone. I've jokingly said before that nothing is worth leaving the house for after dark, but this is really true in a way.
  • Hands to yourself. You may think I'm kidding, but you have no idea how serious I am. There's no need to be all over each other. If you need to hold onto something while you walk, get a cane 😉 Besides that, my mom has threatened to wrap the guy's lips around his head if he tries to kiss me, hahahaha!
  • Will not date unequally yoked person. If he's not saved, he's not KJV, he's not Baptist... Basically if we can't agree on doctrine and beliefs, I'm not dating him. To date someone who differs so greatly would cause confusion for my future children, not knowing whether mom or dad was right doctrinally. He also needs to be at the same level spiritually. I don't claim to be the wisest or most knowledgeable Christian. But I'm not a babe in Christ either, so to date a new Christian who knows next to nothing about the Bible and is still growing in their basic understanding of doctrine wouldn't be a wise decision for me.
  • Building a relationship takes time. I'm not going to jump out there after three months and get engaged to someone. I'm not going to be married to someone within four months of meeting him. I want time to get to know him as a friend first. I want time to see what he is like beyond that initial first impression. I know it's silly, but I can't help but think of the Eltons in Emma when I think of anyone getting married within a short time of meeting someone. You really do need time to get to know that person first, to see how they react to things and how they treat their family. Besides, it's far better to have a long time of dating/courting and engagement that to rush into a marriage with someone you barely know. So, for me personally and after much thought and prayer about it, I'd like to be dating/courting (I really have to think up a third term for that!) for at least a good 8 months, and engaged at least that long after getting to know him as a friend. I'm not going to repeat the mistake of rushing like I've seen happen so many times because I want a good relationship that will last for 70+ years of marriage.
Five rules. Not too much, not too demanding. It's not like one of the rules is I must be given a bouquet of three dozen white roses every time he comes to see me- they're not impractical or impossible. After all, I've got a pretty big list of things we'd have to agree on for dating/courting to be a possibility, so if we agree on those, I don't see these as being a problem. And I know not everyone has the same rules for building a relationship with someone. That's fine. You do whatever God lays on your heart and follow His direction in your relationship.

So, now that you're either A. Bored from reading such a long post, B. Disagreeing with me, or C. Enthusiastically agreeing... I'm sure there will be some of all of these... I'll end today's post, because I've got a birthday to decorate for and need to find another box of tissues because I've been sick for a few days and I'm almost out. Please remember, these are my beliefs, which I have the right to stand for and which I'm not trying to force anyone to agree with. You don't have to agree, but I don't have to back down either.

Have a blessed day in the Lord's House tomorrow!