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My Stands and Standards, Part 2

I know a while back I said I would get around to this post, and it seemed like I had forgotten. The truth was, I just hadn't had time to sit down and write out such a long post that needed time and consideration for the wording thereof. So, I'm going to share some more of my personal stands and convictions. I know some of these not everyone will agree on, and I'm not trying to force you to agree with me. Again, these are my convictions, based on Biblical truth. Whether you agree or disagree, that's between you and the Lord. I'm not going to judge those who differ on these, and ask that you don' judge me.

So, I'll tackle one of the controversial topics first: literature and movies. I know there's a lot of debate among Christians- even Baptists- about this. It's something that each family has to decide on, between them and the Lord. There are ones who say you should never watch any TV or movies, and there are ones who say you can watch anything. I bel…