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Sewing And The Bible

As you already know, I love sewing. Dresses, dolls, bags, ties... Sewing is an important part of my life. Thankfully, the Lord has allowed me to learn rather quickly when it comes to this skill. I went from barely able to sew a square pillow that wasn't misshapen to where I am today with barely any help. In fact, the most help I had up until about a year ago was mostly criticism from people outside my home on what I had done wrong rather than what I did right. I've been blessed with people who genuinely care and have helped me in my learning process.
You're probably wondering why I'm bringing this up, aren't you?
My Bible reading during dinner was in Acts today. After reading about the conversion of Saul, I came to the story of Tabitha or Dorcas in chapter nine. I'll be honest, I had never really given much thought to this woman before. Her story isn't a very long one, only eight verses long. We don't even really know much about Dorcas, really. All th…