Friday, May 19, 2017

A Little Encouragement

Hello, everyone!

I don't have a big, long, detailed blog post today. Actually, this is the third or fourth attempt at starting a post today, because I just can't seem to put into words my thoughts today. But the feeling that maybe y'all need some more encouragement keeps popping up, so I thought I'd give a little. I'll just cover a wide variety of things since I don't know what each of you are going thru at the moment.

For those who are single- Remember, we're still waiting together. I'm praying with you and for you. Keep in mind that waiting on God to send the right person gives us time to develop the traits and skills He has given us and find uses for them. Don't sit around waiting, get out and do something for the Lord! Being single isn't an excuse to be lazy in your spiritual walk, especially when you are old enough to marry but haven't met anyone yet.
(I will add, those of my readers who are teenagers... Please don't focus on a relationship right now. Do yourself a favor, forget about 'being single' and trying to find someone. Give yourself time to grow up and  focus on finishing your education. Take time to serve God and find where He would have you be. Relationships can wait until you are older. Give yourself time to enjoy your youth years and serving the Lord with your whole heart, and don't follow what the world is telling you about needing a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. I know it this may sound harsh but the last thing you need right now is someone who will take your focus off growing in God, learning and growing up. You have many years ahead of you that will give time for a relationship. I'll be praying God sends the right person when you are grown up and ready, because He won't send someone until you are- and what a blessing that is!)

For those who are waiting on a prayer to be answered- God knows what you're asking for. He also knows what you need. Maybe it's just not time for that prayer to be answered. Maybe the answer isn't what you want it to be and He is trying to help you realize that. Maybe the prayer isn't wrong or for something that isn't good, but it's not for what would be best for you, and God wants to show you that there is a better answer than what you are asking for. Either way, please trust God. Don't keep pushing if He has told you no, don't give up if He hasn't given a clear answer yet, and don't forget to thank Him when He answers, no matter what the answer may be.

For those who are struggling- I'm praying for you. God knows and sees where you are. He hasn't forgotten you. He isn't blind to what you are going through. Perhaps He is building your faith, or maybe He is testing you. Maybe you've started going astray from God's Word and your Heavenly Father is trying to bring you back to Him. Wherever you are, whatever it is that is going on, there is a reason for it. Stay close to the Lord, stay right with the Lord, and the Lord will help you through this.

For those who are hurting- I don't know what caused your pain. I don't know what loss or grief you are bearing. I might not even be able to share that burden if you told me. But I know two things: God can help lift that pain, and God can give you peace. God isn't some cruel Master who only allows pain in our lives as punishment. He Loves Us. He wants us to rely on Him for our peace and comfort. Don't allow yourself to believe that the world can offer any kind of relief from pain and sorrow. Alcohol and drugs won't help you. A relationship won't help you. Music won't help you. Possessions, places, pets, experiences, food, things, distractions... those won't help you. There's nothing that will comfort you on this earth that can compare to the comfort of your Maker. Drop those things and run to God. Seek your comfort from the One who knows your heart better than you do.

For those who are rejoicing- Praise God! I'm glad you have a reason to be joyful and happy! Isn't our Father wonderful? Aren't His blessings, given in His timing, the greatest? I rejoice with you! Don't forget to thank God for His blessings!

And lastly- for those who are readers of this blog, and faithful followers of my posts- You don't know what an encouragement you are to me. I might not know each of you. Might not ever seen anything other than a map with no names showing where my readers are from... But I thank each of you for being the encouragement I need to keep writing posts. Every time someone messages me with feedback, every time someone tells me that a post was exactly what they needed to read because of their situation, every comment, every share of a post... It's a blessing to me!

I hope y'all have a great day today, and that your weekend is wonderfully blessed by God!