Saturday, August 26, 2017

Just Saturday Chatting Again

Hello readers!

I don't have any particular topic to cover today. It's been a long time, or at least felt like it has, since I did a chatty post so I figured it was time!

There's been a lot going on in my household. School started back, so trying to get back into the swing of the school year has been fun. The youngest sibling is starting some kindergarten work, even though she's still a bit young. Her letters are a bit crooked and sometimes backwards, but it's awfully cute watching her learn!

One of my best friends is across the country and that is making it very difficult to get to talk with her. We FINALLY got to FaceTime the other day and it was great! I'll be so glad when she's back in the proper time zone and we don't have that two hour gap between us!

While I'm thrilled my zinnias are blooming wildly, I think they're causing this perpetual headache I'm keeping and I know they're not helping my family's allergies. They're just too pretty to pull up!

Did you know you can get a bruise from crocheting? Yeah, me either. But here I am, with a bruised finger from crocheting so much in the last couple weeks. Making pot holders and dishcloths nonstop is proving just how much stress my hands and eyes can take, haha!

So about, oh, I guess a couple months ago... I went to get a can of soda out of the box for my brother, and in the process of opening the cardboard box, I pulled too hard and hit my elbow against the corner of a wooden chest (don't ask). My elbow is STILL bruised. Guess who isn't living down the fact that I was injured to bring him a soda....

Anyone who knows me even the slightest knows I love weddings. I mean, I have more wedding boards on Pinterest than any normal human being should have. My latest wedding planning decision was to have a plum purple wedding, no matter the groom's dislike of the color. GUESS WHAT I FOUND ON CLEARANC AT HOBBY LOBBY! Plum purple thread! GUESS WHAT I AM MAKING WITH IT! As much as I can get from it! Sadly, it was the last one or I would have cleaned them out of it! So now, I'll have a bouquet holder and possible some sort of earrings or headband from it, I'm still deciding on what to do with any thread left after the bouquet holder. Perhaps a boutonniere?

Told my brother that I was going to name my first son after him but call him little J-
Brother was not thrilled.
I don't know why. I mean, what would be cuter than having your little nephew named after you??

If anyone knows anyone looking to give away old 1950s patterns, dresses or wedding/evening gowns, please send them this way! I'm dying to study some patterns or dresses from that era so I can practice sewing some styles that are similar. I'm also looking for any information I can find on 1950s wedding veils, hats and hair accessories (Pinterest proved unusually useless in that!)

It amazes me how strong mothers are. Think about it. They raise this child for 18+ years and sacrifice so much for their child's sake. The things they deal with, what they go thru emotionally and mentally for their children... it's amazing. They honestly give up their life for their child. Moms are awesome.

I tried learning to knit. Worst experience of my life. My younger sister (who learned to knit 30 minutes before me) tried teaching me, but I'm not a fast learner. She, on the other hand, is amazing at it and I can't wait to see what she accomplishes. I'll just stick to my crochet hook, thankyouverymuch.

I can't wait for winter. Mostly because I do most of my writing when the weather turns cold. But also because I love winter best of all the seasons. Also because my boots are waiting and it is still too warm to wear them.

Please, please, please- don't underestimate how good it makes a writer feel when you compliment their work. You can make their day just by saying you appreciated the effort they put into what they've written.

I created one of those Sarahah accounts, you know the anonymous messenger thingy? Other than a few possibly low key insults (still not sure on that one...) it's been hilarious. One person said Jesus loved me, but they were His favorite (Not sure I understood). Another sent a message saying they ran out of characters and for me to figure out who wrote it and then message them- which has been impossible. I mean, honestly impossible. And the compliments I got were really sweet. If you want to leave me a note, then here's the link:
 Just keep it clean and kind, of course!

My family has been getting a LOT of advertisement calls and letters. I received one that tried to make me believe my car insurance was needing updating (Can you say scam?) so I answered. Wrote them the funniest, loveliest note on purple paper and sent it back. Strange, I didn't get a reply??? I mean, sure, I left no return address but still, they sent the first letter, so they know my address. Could be that asking them to pay me to help them come up with better advertising was why they didn't reply. Who knows.

Well, I've chatted enough for today. My chores are waiting and there's things to be done- including more crocheting. I hope you got some chuckles or a smile out of this post!